7 Must-Have Features For Your Ecommerce Mobile App

by Judy Alex, World Executives Digest |

Apps are replacing websites. Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter kicked-off their business as a website but then rolled out their mobile applications compatible to multiple operating systems. Every business, from startup to big firm is acknowledging the need of getting a mobile app. Even the e-commerce web stores are thinking to take their business to the app stores.

Before starting your e-commerce mobile application project, there are different features to consider.


  • Simple and clean navigation:


While creating an e-commerce website, remember the screen size and the content. People like minimal design approach, so keep your design simple and uncluttered. Since, the smartphones do not have bigger screens as laptops and computers, make sure that your product images are not jam-packing the space.


  • Optimize for faster speed:


Visitors and buyers don’t like waiting at all, and they don’t have to when they have a plentiful of other options. You should optimize the app content, media files and other important elements to offer fast running app. Native apps are known for their speed and high performance.


  • Include Analytics and stats


This is the era of big data. Businesses today want to make informed decision rather than relying on assumptions. Analytics help you and your users crunch the right number to take the right decisions. Allow your users to capitalize on the user insights and steer their product towards success proactively. Let your users make strategic decisions based on facts and hard numbers.

  1. Social Media Login

Social media login feature provides a flawless and easy registration process. Besides you can acquire all the necessary information about your audience without making any fuss. With social sharing you can help your users share the products of choice on their social media circles, so you can avail free marketing.


  • Featured Product Display


You might have seen a section of featured products on an e-commerce website, your mobile app needs one too. You can use a slider/banner to demonstrate the featured products. Besides offering a place to display your feature products, this will also help you track their popularity with data-points tracking. Also, pay keen attention to the sales of your featured products in order to decide on the best placement.


  • Advanced Search and Filter options


Be it an e-commerce website or an app, advanced search and filters are a must. It will save a great chunk of time and make your product easy to discover, no matter how big your product base is. You can consider the filters as an extension to your user’s search. Using different filters, your users can zero-in all the desired items.

  1. Push Notifications

Push notifications have a bunch of wonders to offer to your product exposure. It is the best way to get your product stand in the spotlight. With push notifications, you can make your targeted users stay updated about your latest promotion, discounts and other marketing deals.

These were the must-have features for your e-commerce mobile app. You can come up with more useful features to make your app more user-friendly and boost the ROI in the longer run.  



Judy Alex is a professional writer in an iPhone app development company named as Ingic. She is a professional writer and BS CS degree holder. She loves coding and writing alike. Judy writes for other junior developers working in the same field to help them improve their coding skills.  @judyalex3

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