How to handle summer pest control in and around your home

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Most people welcome the arrival of summer as the warmer weather allows them to do more things outside. In fact, just the presence of sunshine and longer days can be enough to make anyone feel more positive.

But, there is a downside to the summer, a wide variety of animals like it as well!

That’s why you need to have a plan to handle summer pest control, allowing you to enjoy the summer properly.

Pest Control On Standby

Click here and get the number of a local pest control firm that will be ready to assist you, if you have an infestation or another issue.

In fact, a pest control firm can help you with more than just infestations, it can help to guide you through the most effective ways of preventing summer pests and even make the necessary adjustments for you.

If you haven’t got a pest control firm on standby, you should have.

Block Up Entrances

Walk around the exterior of your home and you may find holes and other gaps. It’s worth paying particular attention to your windows and doors as this is where gaps commonly start to appear.

Any gap larger than ¼” is enough for a mouse or similar sized pest to get in, the sooner you block these up the less of an issue you’ll have with these pests.

Remove Standing Water

Practically every life form needs water to survive. This means if you have water standing around then you’re helping to provide the perfect environment for pests. They’ll detect the water and head towards it.

But, standing water also poses a larger threat. Mosquitoes need standing water to lay their eggs, they won’t do it in moving water or on dry land.

If you have standing water in your house or yard, you could be attracting mosquitoes, which carry a variety of diseases that you probably don’t want to catch!

You don’t have to get rid of your pool or pond, but you do need to make sure the water keeps moving.

Spring Clean Your Kitchen

Alongside water, food is one of the most important items for all life forms, and your kitchen could be full of it. Remember, just one crumb is enough to feed many pests for at least a day.

Now is the time to spring clean your kitchen that means taking everything out of all the cupboards and wiping them clean. You can even get rid of excess items if you wish!

Alongside this it’s a good idea to put your food inside plastic or metal containers; this will prevent any pests that do arrive from getting to your food.

Tidy The Yard

Your yard is the passing, or resting place for pests on their way to your home. Take a few moments to remove the clutter, trim trees and bushes so that they are away from your home, and add some pest-resistant plants.

Your choice of plants will depend on what pests are most prevalent in your area. For example, mosquitoes generally don’t like citronella or mint, planting these near your windows and doors will help to keep mosquitoes out of your house.

Stack Firewood

Firewood stacks are the perfect habitat for wood eating insects such as carpenter ants and bees, or termites. If you need a firewood stack make sure it’s at least 6 feet from the walls of your home; this will discourage the insects from traveling the rest of the way to your property.

Keeping stacks tidy and removing rotten wood will also help to minimize the habitat options for pests.

Eat Or Don’t Buy Fruit!

If you like fruit then make sure you eat it before it becomes over ripened. At this stage, it will attract a variety of pests, including fruit flies. Eating it when, or before, it is ripe, will help to keep the pests away.

But, if you don’t like or eat fruit then don’t buy it!

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