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The Upside Down: An In-depth Understanding of BSMA Career

The BSMA career is a path which leads to a dynamic range of opportunities such as being a Management Accountant, Internal Auditor, Budget Analyst...

Tech & Digital

How to Select the Appropriate Electric Chain Hoist

Reynaldo Beltran, World Executives Digest | Selecting an appropriate electric chain hoist for work purpose can be a tough job as a lot of factors club together when you are about to take this kind of decision. A lot of questions will come in your...



Med Life Crisis: 6 Tips to Survive Med School from Dra....

Kyla Nievera, World Executives Digest | It’s 3am. Everyone’s fast asleep while here you are, having your third espresso shot since midnight. THE “MED LIFE”...

Top Jobs for Highest Civil Engineer Salary

by Jamil Santos, World Executives Digest | All those interested in studying civil engineering and pursuing a career in this field should know that it...



Euro Pallet: Basics, Benefits and Tips to Buy

Corey Terranueva, World Executives Digest |  Whether it’s about moving just a box of important heavy items or they are hundreds in number, pallets are the best material to ensure safety and handling of the...

5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Bookkeeper for Your SMB

Dan Radak, World Executives Digest |  Unless you are running a one-person start-up, sooner or later you will have to start hiring and when this happens, you will have to make a choice. Your...
Pernod Ricard1

Pernod Ricard Celebrates 7th Responsib’ALL Day

World Executives Digest |  Pernod Ricard recently held its 7th Responsib’All Day, with its employees spending a day away from daily tasks to support their local communities through more than 100 initiatives worldwide. From Paris...

Executive Profile

Roy Quejada of CocoHut: On His Biggest Realization as a COO

Roy Quejada
Mitzi Ilagan, World Executives Digest |  Roy Quejada, COO of CocoHut, is much like most of the executives who went from bottom to the top. For some, the career growth stops on being a manager or probably turns to another direction as they shift...

Dining, Travel and Leisure


A Good Catering Service is Your Partner for Making Events Successful

Reynaldo Beltran, World Executives Digest | Catering companies are hired to make your event a memorable one in terms of food and dining; they just...

Health & Wellness

Denny Joson, World Executives Digest |  Dentures are not a perfect solution to dental problems but at the same time, these are not as awkward and obvious as they were once upon a time. With the advance in technology and...

Quotable Tips

Know what is right, do what is right. You’ll never go wrong.

Whatever situation you are in today is not because of things you have done but because of what have decided to do. Know what...

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world

"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world." - Robin Williams You say that you are a person of words and...

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