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Techtonic Summit

Philippines’ Largest Tech Conference is Back: Techtonic Summit 2018

Techtonic Summit plans on making history again with an even bigger gathering and a pitch competition giving away USD10,000 to a promising startup. This year, 080...

Tech & Digital

Can you spy on WhatsApp messages in android?

Mohd.Sohel Ather, WED |  The cell phone devices are one of the most contemporary forms of phones and these gadgets are running with different operating systems. But out of the entire that has grasped the mind and has got the tremendous amount of appreciation is...



Med Life Crisis: 6 Tips to Survive Med School from Dra....

Kyla Nievera, World Executives Digest | It’s 3am. Everyone’s fast asleep while here you are, having your third espresso shot since midnight. THE “MED LIFE”...

Top Jobs for Highest Civil Engineer Salary

by Jamil Santos, World Executives Digest | All those interested in studying civil engineering and pursuing a career in this field should know that it...


wedding catering company

Start Your Own Wedding Catering Company

Nowadays, startups seem to be everywhere. Of all of them, wedding catering business is also soaring popularity. But, just like any other business, starting a wedding catering company will also leave you with hundreds...

Green Business Ideas: the Grains of the Better Future

Tracey Clayton, WED |  Green business ideas are an immense ocean from which business owners and managers can draw ideas and inspiration. This great pool may be inexhaustible, but the reservoirs of energy and resources...

An All-in-one Guide to Small Business Lending

Marina Thomas, WED |  When it comes to successfully running a small business or startup, nothing beats financing in terms of value and importance. Being a building block of establishing the business, funding is...

Executive Profile

Arianna Huffington: Fearless Leader

Julius Ordoñez, World Executives Digest | Have you ever faced so much adversity that it scared you? So has Arianna Huffington. Arianna Huffington is a Greek-American author, philanthropist, television personality, journalist and owner of the online newspaper ‘The Huffington Post’. A go-getter since her younger...

Dining, Travel and Leisure

Mama Sita's Araw-Ihaw Caravan

Mama Sita’s Araw-Ihaw Caravan Brings BBQ Lovers Together

Mama Sita's Araw-Ihaw Caravan has successfully satisfied pork lovers' cravings at the Blue Baywalk, Pasay City as Filipino-favorite pork barbecues were prepared with Mama Sita's Barbecue...

Health & Wellness

Low immunity or suppressed immunity is not such an uncommon affliction among children and adults in the USA. It essentially means you are more susceptible to different kinds of microbial infections. You are more likely to visit the doctor more...
Almost all the diets you see today are for losing weight or cutting down cellulitis. They lack the wholesome nature that takes care of the ten different organ systems that work to keep you healthy. Let us take a...

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